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Our main areas of communication expertise.

Investment writing

  • Asset management communication
  • Investment product campaign
  • Product white paper
  • Ghost writing

Financial reporting

  • Financial reporting communication to investors, regulators, rating agencies, media and the broad public

Executive communication

  • Vision and mission storystelling
  • Strategy storyline
  • Employee communication 
  • Crisis communication
  • Ghost writing

Our expertise is based on hands-on experience.

I have spent the last 20 years learning and working in the financial industry. 

Writing is my passion. It inspires me to get the message right and to ensure that the reader can understand it the first time around. 

Experts with many years of experience support me in the fields of design, translation and editorial development.

Katherine Anne Lee

Fidelity - Reference

Investment white paper
Brand storytelling (e.g. brand representation at conferences, etc.)
External publications (e.g. investment paper, campaign lead, etc.)

Credit Suisse - Reference

Executive & Board of Directors communication (CEO / BoD)

Financial reporting (e.g. annual reporting suite & quarterly results, etc.)
Strategy storyline papers
Change management and project communication
Crisis communication
Media relations

Swiss Life - Reference

Change strategy and communication

Project, audit & risk communication

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